Classic - $499 per month. You'll receive a pitch checklist, a bio optimization checklist, and we'll review the three emails for you daily and notify you (via your channel of choice) of the queries that might be applicable to you. 

Grand - $1,999 per month. Grand includes Classic plus HARO Helper will reply to all pitches (up to 10 a month) that match your area of expertise. Limited to 5 fields in same practice area in the US.   

Premium - $2,499 per month. Includes Grand AND you're first in line when reporters reach out directly to me for a source. Limited to 3 people in the US in the same field. 

All prices are based on a minimum 3 month contract. 


If you have the Classic plan and want HARO Helper to submit your pitch, there is a fee of $149 per pitch submitted. 

What is HARO?

HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out.


HARO is a free service that you sign up for at* As of April 27, 2023 HARO became Connectively - it is still a free service.


Once you sign up, you'll receive 3 emails a day, every weekday. At 5:35AM, 12:35PM, and 5:35PM. 


With queries from reporters, TV producers, bloggers, and podcasters asking for an expert to help them out with a story.

What is HARO Helper?

Most busy business owners don't have time to check three emails a day.


Even if they have time to check, they may not have time to send in a pitch. 


Sending in a query response FAST is the key to being chosen as THE expert they'll use. 


That's where HARO Helper comes in.


We check the emails for you daily.


And if there is a query that matches your area of expertise, we notify you OR we send in the pitch for you. 


HARO Helper has three plans to meet your budget and needs.