HARO helps to get you seen by more people.


Do you want more people seeing your business and getting to know you? 


Every business owner who wants to grow their income and business knows that the more people get to


like, and

trust them

the more likely they are to buy from them.


PR (like HARO) is ONE prong every savvy business owner should have in their marketing strategy BUT MOST DON'T!


Getting quoted in big publications with millions of views a month helps you get seen as the expert in your field, (AND bonus point) helps your site's SEO.


When you are quoted by reporters in major publications like Forbes, Business Insider, or are interviewed on TV shows like Today, or even when you're featured on high ranking blogs and podcasts you are more likely to be seen as THE expert in your field.  

What is HARO?

HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out.


HARO is a free service that you sign up for at helpareporter.com. 


Once you sign up, you'll receive 3 emails a day, every weekday. At 5:35AM, 12:35PM, and 5:35PM. 


The emails are a list of queries (requests for an expert to provide a quote) from reporters, TV producers, bloggers, and podcasters.


When you see a query you can answer because of your education and/or experience, you submit a pitch. If your pitch is accepted you will be quoted and/or interviewed. 

What is HARO Helper?

Most busy business owners don't have time to check three HARO emails a day and determine the queries that are in their area of expertise. 


Even if they have time to check, they may not have time to write and send in a pitch. 


Sending in your pitch FAST is the key to being chosen as THE expert. 


That's where HARO Helper comes in.


We check the emails for you daily.


When there's is a query that matches your area of expertise, we notify you (with the classic plan) OR we draft and send in the pitch for you (with the Grand plan). (You only have to review the pitch which takes less than 10 minutes for most business owners) 


HARO Helper has three plans to meet your budget with the lowest starting at $499 a month. 

Recent HARO Helper Wins

Legal Website Marketing Client was quoted in CEO Blog Nation with a backlink to their site.

(650K UVPM*) 


Family Law Attorney was quoted in Money Geek (750K UVPM)


Estate Planning Attorney was quoted in Go Banking Rates (5 Million UVPM) with a backlink to their site. 


Estate Planning Attorney had article he was quoted in picked up by Yahoo! Life (4.5 Million UVPM) with a backlink to their site. 


Estate Planning Attorney client has quote in article with backlink on article on MSN (415 worldwide views a month)


Estate Planning Attorney has quote in article with backlink on Yahoo Finance (the #1 business news platform in the world) with 93 million unique views a month


HARO Helper has also helped clients

- have articles written about them in the Philadelphia Inquirer,

- gotten local and national TV interviews,

- and more. 

Premium - $4,999 per month. Includes Grand AND you're first in line when reporters reach out directly to me for a source. Limited to 3 people in the US in the same field. 


Classic - $499 per month. You'll receive a pitch checklist, a bio optimization checklist, and we review the three emails for you daily and notify you (via email) of the queries that might be applicable to you. 


Grand - $1,999 per month. Grand includes Classic plus HARO Helper will reply to all pitches (up to 10 a month) that match your area of expertise. Limited to 7 people in the same industry in the US. 


All prices are based on a minimum 3 month contract. 


$250 onboarding fee for each plan


If you have the Classic plan and want HARO Helper to submit your pitch, there is an additional fee of $199 per pitch. 

Hiring HARO Helper Saves You Time and Money

Do you have an extra 20+ hours a month to get PR for your business? 


HARO Helper uses more than just HARO to get publicity for their clients. They use:


  • connecting with reporters on Twitter
  • Qwoted
  • ResponseSource
  • SourceBottle
  • various FB groups 
  • and individual journalist's substacks (some of which have a monthly fee)
  • emailing individual reporters
  • and more...


Let's talk about how using HARO helps you with marketing and how cost effective it is. 


Forbes (150 million UVPM*) To advertise in Forbes is $70,000k or more for a full page ad. To have an article published is $850 to $10,000. With HARO Helper, when you're quoted, you don't pay anything beyond the monthly fee to HARO Helper. 


The Today show (163 million UVPM) often uses HARO to find experts. Production for a commercial is $800,000 to $3,000,000 and a 30 second ad placement is ~$350,000. When you're interviewed on Today because of an interview that HARO Helper got for you, you don't pay anything more than your monthly fee to HARO Helper. 


Can you see how using HARO and having HARO Helper do the work for you, saves you time AND money? 


You might be wondering how HARO brings you leads that lead to sales? 

  • When you're quoted you will sometimes get a backlink which builds your website authority
  • When you're interviewed the news stations often shares your interview on their social channels (and you will share it on yours, through email, and on your website, of course) increasing your audience
  • People googling you (or the topic you talk about) will have your quote pop up establishing you as an expert they can trust


When you show you are an expert and stand out above your competitors, people are more likely to HIRE you.


Did you know the #1 reason people hire an attorney is because they see them as an expert in their field. Being quoted in national and international publications so that you can be seen by millions helps you get seen as that expert. 


UVPM = unique visitors per month