fractional cmo

Nina has experience running companies and as a marketing director. She has interviewed, recruited, hired, fired, and managed staff including video editors, graphic designers, writers, and more involved in marketing.


Starting at $7,500 per month


email marketing

The most valuable thing you own in your business is your list. 


If you're not e-mailing them regularly you are losing relationship capital and sales.


Nina helped a client make $200,000 with three emails.


She has had up to 50% open rates with 14.8% CTR. 


She helps your customers keep you and your business top-of-mind. 


Includes CRM management with monthly clean-up when needed. 


CRM Management $3,500 pm

Emails starting at $250 for one, package prices available upon request


annual Marketing Strategy 

You will receive a review of website and socials. With a plan on how to optimize each. As well as keywords and competitor research. 


Starting at $3,000


annual pr plan

Most companies wait to send pitches or press releases (that most reporters ignore) when something THEY think is newsworthy happens. 


That is not the best strategy. 


What works better is to create a list of reporters who you send a monthly press release, which you have planned out for the year. If something noteworthy happens in your field, then you send another. 


Plans start at $5,000


youtube optimization

Nina has grown clients' channels from under 100 subscribers to over 17,000 organically.


Resulting in over 1,000,000 views and more importantly high conversion leads.


This was done through channel and video optimization as well as Nina writing scripts for clients and directing video editors.


Channel optimization $1,000

Video optimization $200pv under 15 minutes, over 15 minutes tbd 

Video scripts starting at $100 per minute (of the script, it takes far longer to research and write it) 


blog posts & video scripts

Writing blog posts that are SEO focused and engaging is something Nina has done since myspace. In fact, while in law school she helped to administer a beauty board with a blog that had over 100,000 unique visitors a month.


Prior to working with Nina clients have had low views (below 100) per video. 


After Nina started writing their scripts they had 300,000+ views on one video alone. 


All organic. 


Blog posts $250 for under 750 words, $500 for 750 - 2,500 words.


Prices TBD for larger projects.


I have created case studies and white papers for clients.